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skypuppy asked 2 years ago

Is the Ardusimple f9p capable of utilizing WAAS? It seems to make no difference to the stats when I turn WAAS on or off in ucenter. Unless I\’m not doing it correctly.

2 Answers
clive1 answered 2 years ago

No, uBlox does not use SBAS in the ZED-F9P implementation

skypuppy answered 2 years ago

Why is that?  WAAS doesn’t add to the accuracy of dual-frequency?

clive1 replied 2 years ago

I just don’t think it fits into their solver model. The SBAS/DGPS stuff was stripped from the NEO-M8P/RTK fork years ago to free up code space and processing bandwidth. Remember these devices are running Cortex-M3 processors at a few hundred MHz, not multi-core devices at a GHz or two.

SBAS is supported in the ZED-F9T, it is not an issue of the HW not being able to track/decode.

Anyway, I don’t think discussion here will further their priorities. I would suggest you register your project, with perhaps some notes about your needs/concerns about SBAS support moving forward, so it is logged/tagged within their CRM system. https://www.u-blox.com/en/project-information-form