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G. Thalmann asked 1 year ago
Some GPS reciever, like Hemisphere, allow data forwarding from one port to an other.
This allows to configure a GSM-NTRIP modem (@RTCM port) by the GPS port.
On the other hand the GSM modem can send status infos to the GPS port.
The ports can have different baudrates.
Will this feature once added to the SBC board or the ZED-F9P receiver?
(Would be nice!)

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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi G. Thalmann,
This is possible with SBC.
G. Thalmann
replied 1 year ago

Ok, how can you forward data from RS232#2 to RS232#1 and vice versa?

Staff replied 1 year ago

Yes but actually with some limitations. We are currently doing some changes on SBC for next version, so we would be very interested in hearing more about this use case. If you could send an email to my colleagues at , with more details on what do you want to forward from where to where, they will be happy to give you more accurate feedback.

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