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Anand Kumar asked 11 months ago
I have few queries with the ardusimple LR kit for the base and rover configuration. As mentioned in the starter kit website, I have uploaded the configuration files in both base and rover, and set the settings on the port to receive UBX+USB+UART output. However I am still unable to see the rover position in the base. I have referred to the earlier answers and troubleshooting, yet didn’t find a definitive solution. 
I have connected the xbee+power to view the message to be viewed in the ucenter, yet no message is being received/recorded.  Please help me know I can proceed further to view the position to the base, if any changes are to be made in the configuration files or any of the port/config/or any of the settings in the configuration view. 
The next target is to connect and view two rovers on the same base. 

Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. I am really grateful. 

replied 11 months ago

Rover would need to transmit a message to Base, via the Radio on UART2
So look at what messages you have enabled, both at an individual level (UBX-CFG-MSG) and at a port level (UBX-CFG-PRT)
FW 1.30 should allow for some UBX messages to be output, along with NMEA ones. Typically you’d pick one NMEA message that was small, and output the fields you’re interested in.

Anand Kumar
replied 11 months ago

Thank you got replying. I have a query, what port settings should I allow for while recieving message? All or selected i.e UART2/USB/Pin etc?

Thank you again for taking your time

replied 11 months ago

You don’t want the ZED on the Base listening on UART2, you are catching the data from the back-channel of the XBee Radio, thus the use of the XBEE+POWER connection to an FTDI USB Serial device. That should be at the baud rate of the Radio.

Anand Kumar
replied 11 months ago

Okay thanks, I will try it and update the result.
Thank you again!

Please do keep a track on the question/comments for any updates!

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