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fisher asked 4 years ago
Can anyone confirm that the simpleRTK2B will work with Mission Planner via Pixhawk using NTRIP/RTCM3 for the correction? I am currently using a M8P board and would like to know if it is as simple as replacing this with the simpleRTK2B. Thanks for any help. 

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eeek answered 4 years ago
I can confirm that simpleRTK2B works with a Pixhawk 2.1 running Arducopter 3.6.4 perfectly fine. I have connected the base station simpleRTK2B via USB to the ground station and injecting RTCM corrections via Mission Planner software over the telemetry link. I have configured both simpleRTK2B manually (the one in the rover is sending out UBX messages). Maybe even autoconfiguration would work, but I didn’t try that yet. Let me know if you want to know details on the configuration, I can look them up when I’m in the lab.

amagro answered 4 years ago
Hello @eeek
I’m also interrested on using Mission Planner and Pixhawk with NTRIP.
Could you please give more information about your configuration on both simpleRTK2B boards, and also the configuration on Mission Planner?

amagro answered 4 years ago
What are you using to get magnetometer data for your UAV, from a magnetometer stand alone module, like for example, LSM303D, or you are using another gps with magnetometer built in?

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