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Strambauer asked 5 years ago
Hey everybody,
does anybody know if the f9p chip can receive correction data from the SBAS System.
On the following U-Blox site we can read that the f9 can take advantages of modern correction including SBAS.
The SBAS Configuration in the u-center are grayed out and on product description page nothing can be found on SBAS.
I want to use the SBAS System as an fallback, if an internet connection is not available so that i can not receive RTK corrections.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 5 years ago
SBAS is currently not supported by ZED-F9P, and we received confirmation that is not going to be available in the coming months.

Strambauer answered 5 years ago
So it’s a planed feature and the ZED-F9P will support it in the future, but it takes some time? 
replied 5 years ago

I think it’s considered of marginal value. ie 2.5m v 3.0m CEP
And you have support for more concurrent satellites, and L1/L2
Localized data can be broadcast using non-internet methods, it is inherently a one-way data transfer, and the cost of the receiver lends itself to local infrastructure. Relatively low effort can yield 20cm CEP.
SBAS is implemented on the ZED-F9T as I understand it

replied 5 years ago

I’ll note that when uBlox forked the receiver code for RTK they threw out all of the DGPS/SBAS support fiddling with pseudo-range residuals. It makes for a cleaner and more robust design rather than fighting multiple directives and divergent paradigms. ie HAL-9000

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