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foordscottage asked 2 years ago
This is my first time on the Forum so Hello.
I have a f9p board and want to use it as a rover as I am lucky enough to have a free NTRIP Caster nearby.
The issue is loading the configuration file for the rover.
I have gone to “Tools” – “Receiver Configuration”. This put up the file called “FW130 Rover 1Hz-00.txt”. I press “Transfer file to GNSS”. The file starts to load but after a couple of lines I get “failed to due to timeout”. It keeps retrying but continuously fails. At the end it says “errors/conflicts”.
Has anyone have any idea how to solve this issue.
replied 2 years ago

Hi Clive I have moved your answer over to the new post.

Clive1 has commented on your question at “Configuration Error”:

Please just open new questions. Does your board have FW 1.30 on it? You can ignore the wrong version message, but you need to do it quickly, otherwise you’ll get timeout warnings. If you’re running FW 1.12 or 1.13 you could update to current firmware. You might not be properly connected to the receiver, hard to tell from details. Should be connecting to the POWER+USB connector nearest to the ZED module

replied 2 years ago

Thanks Clive I will check the firmware
Just to add I am receiving NTRIP corrections from the nearby station and have a float but no fix.

replied 2 years ago

Check what mix of messages you’re getting via UBX-RXM-RTCM reporting. Both that is gets the MSM type messages, and a broad spectrum of constellations.

Poor antenna situation (window sill, shadow of building) can lead to long or perpetual times in FLOAT, accuracy may still be in the order of 20cm, but can’t pull it lower.

ANN-MB antenna has expectation of 15 cm ground plane, blocking signals from below, or on car roof type large surface.

replied 2 years ago

Hi All

Sorry for the constant changes to the post but as I progress I will keep updating it.

After 2 days looking on the UBlox website I have found the 1.30 .bin file and it appears to be loaded successful ly. I have uploaded the rover configuration for 1.30. I put my antenna on top of the roof of my garage. I noticed that the NTRIP was not making much difference and the accuracy was 0.80m. I checked that I had filled in the information correctly and noticed I had not filled in the Mount name and Country. When I checked the accuracy it was now 0.06m and clicking down. When it got to 0.01m it went from float to fixed. Magic!

Thanks so much for your help Clive.

I now have a Bluetooth board coming. The plan is to get the NTRIP corrections straight to my phone and  Bluetooth them to the f9b. Then Bluetooth the solution back to the phone. I'm sure that will be fun.












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