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clive1 asked 10 months ago
Over the year’s I fielded a number of complaints about I2C, mostly from the Team SparkFun players, whose boards have historically used, and perhaps focused on, I2C / Qwiic connectivity. With some of the newer boards from Team ArduSimple supporting I2C I thought this would be worthwhile linking too here.
I2C works as a interface method, but if you corrupt the data, or intermingle with 0xFF bytes, the packets will lose integrity, and be ignored. The documentation from uBlox isn’t good for beginners, and let’s say there are lots of really poor code examples floating around, which tends to cause more frustration.
Here addressing specifically the Arduino Wire Library, and ways of decomposing larger packets into smaller packets whilst not corrupting the data.
There should be some cross-links to some STM32 examples, and test packets. My github also has some code showing how to walk RTCM3 packets, and check their integrity, this is helpful for building transport layers, and doesn’t require you to understand or unpack the payloads in the messages. For radio transport the CRC24Q can be used for integrity rather than adding additional burden to the link, for example.
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