UBlox F9K – roll and pitch correction?

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Daniel asked 1 year ago

Hi ,
does the new Ublox – F9K output already consider pitch and roll correction?
So combining F9K and F9H would bring full attitude (roll, pitch, yaw)?
Thanks a lot,

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clive1 answered 1 year ago

It solves for the position of the antenna. There needs to be a strong mechanical relationship between module and antenna, and it also needs to be fed with wheel-tick and direction signals.
The F9K has a lower accuracy specification.
The orientation of the module comes from the IMU. The raw data from the IMU is also available, which you could presumably use directly or do fusion with yourself.
The F9H would work as a secondary receiver, reporting a NED baseline vector, and also a 2D direction, though one could infer 3D from the NED numbers.
You could also use a 3 antenna implementation using an F9P and pair of F9H devices.
You might want to look at the F9R, as the F9K is automotive-centric

pucki91 answered 1 year ago

Hi Clive1,
thanks for your quick feedback.
I would like to setup 2 antennas to once get the heading, but on the other hand to determine the drift between tractor and implement.
(So 1 antenna mounted on the tractor, the other on the implement to detect a side drift)
According to the Spec, F9H only provides heading information… how could this setup look like?
Btw, F9R is what I have been looking for, thanks a lot!

josegarcia answered 2 weeks ago

Does the F9K work for making a tilt-capable surveyor’s rover? So that the chip will use the IMU to determine orientation and tilt and with data about the offset to antenna center and height to ground calculate the position on ground?

clive1 replied 2 weeks ago

As I’ve mentioned previously the F9K is designed for automotive applications, ie infotainment/navigation systems.

Both the F9R/F9K have an IMU on-board, the measurements from this can be read out, the modules could be mounted on the underside of an integrated ground-plane/antenna configuration.

You could perhaps code something to support tilt, but it’s not something uBlox is providing, or likely too.