u-connect NTRIP not working but phone app does

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braddo asked 11 months ago

Hey all, I recently got an RTK2 lite and am attempting to test/configure the RTK from an NTRIP service.
I am able to connect and stream this service to my moblie app (Lefebure) but for some reason, the same login info from uconnect is rejected.
I’m getting authentication failure but I know the credentials are correct.
Is there some configuration I’m missing? Truthfully I haven’t really configured anything, I did attempt to load the config posted on the ublox github for rover.
Thoughts? Thanks!

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braddo answered 11 months ago

This particular problem seemed to be resolved by connecting via a different port for the service. For my particular service, certain ports apparently host virtual versus direct connections to ntrip streams. Seemed the connection had a problem with one or the other. Seems to connect now reliably.