Trying to get Ardusimple as a base sending to NTRIP caster

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asj asked 5 months ago

I have recently received my Ardusimple and I am trying to set it up as a base that connects to my PC thru USB and have it output RTCM3 to Ntrip caster.
I am using STRSVR from rtklib to send the data but it currently works partially as the Ntrip caster reports a few 1005 messages but doesn’t seem to get a position:
I am getting “Signals: GPS: No GLO: No QZSS: No GAL: No BeiD: No WAAS: No ” from my mount point status report page on the caster.
I have a couple of questions:
1. For the base station to be enabled, I understand that some changes are required on the Ardusimple device thru u-Center to change the device setup as base.
I have tried to use the file “srtk2b_base_FW_HPG111.txt” (Firmware v1.11 / Download rover configuration file)
from here:
Is that correct ?
The configuration does not seem persistent after GPS restarts so I need to reload this configuration file every time ?
Are other settings required in u-Center to get my device setup as a base output RTCM3 on USB port ?
2. Do I need changes to make changes in STRSVR ?
Particularly, define a string with any options for the “NTRIP Server Options” in the Output / NTRIP Server ?
Are other options required in the “Conversion Option” from the NTRIP Server output ? or the GPS will provide the right RTCM3 format and the proper message type without any further configuration ?
Thank you for your help.

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

1. Make sure you select “Store configuration in Flash/BBR when loading the configuration file so it stays after reset.
2. For this one I will need some help from the community, I have no experience with rtk2go.

Jerry Dueck replied 4 months ago
You can check this thread its just in German.

Ronald Vásquez replied 4 months ago

Hi, were you able to solve this problem? I’m having the same issue, only 1005 messages going through.

asj replied 4 months ago

Thank you Jerry Dueck for the link, I found some interesting tips there.

I found many useful information to get a better understanding on the Ardusimple and u-center configuration in this video:
The interesting part is mostly at the end after minute 37 and minute 51 for RTCM related info.