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forum asked 2 months ago
started with a F9P board and installed antenna on the rooftop. With u-center from uBlox, I configured the F9P as “stationary” with “survey-in” mode and activated ALL RTCM messsages. I followed this video indeed:

The F9P is connected finally to an Ubuntu server with RTKLib 2.4.3 installed, I wanted to transfer the GPS information to RTK2go with str2str as following:
str2str -in serial://ttyACM0:115200:8:n:1:off -out ntrips://:<PASSWORd> -msg “1005(5),1077(5),1084(5),1087(5),1094(5),1097(5),1124(5),1127(5),1230(5)”
Data transfer seems to happen and the base station is registered with RTK2Go, however, the status of RTK2go shows no GPS data so far:
When I redirect the output of str2str into Linux txt file, it looks like that, However I have no idea if the output is correct or is wrong, maybe you can help me with that details at least:



replied 2 months ago

>>However I have no idea if the output is correct or something is wrong..
Well ASCII NMEA Sentences are definitely not RTCM3 packets.
Look at what you’re enabling on the ZED-F9P side, the clients don’t want your NMEA data, so probably want to disable that entirely, and then enable the RTCM3 MSM7, 1005, and 1230, and make sure they’re coming out.

replied 2 months ago

Thanks! Indeed there was a misconfiguration in the output of the RTCM3. Which I fixed now. The RTCM3 package seem to be binary, I cannot read anything, how can I anlyze the output.

I configured the 1005 message too in u-center, but it seems not to come to RTK2GO.
Can you give me a hint why the 1005 is maybe not coming out or how I can analyze my RTCM3 output….

Here is the current output to RTK2Go:

replied 2 months ago

Correct, not human readably ASCII, if you can code, or inspect the packet headers in hex you can extract the numbers. Packets start with an 0xD3 sync byte.

If the content goes to a different ZED-F9P the packet numbers can be seen via UBX-RXM-RTCM

If you can handle files/streams you can decode the message number and size

replied 2 months ago

Okay, the problem was obviously that the base station was never going to stop the survey-in and fix it. That is why no 1005-message was sent. I fixed this now with the ublox configuration.

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