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Mauro Bettella asked 8 months ago

Good morning,
I have configured simpleRTK2Blite like this
With this configuration I get solutions with LEFEBURE NTRIP Client with FIX RTK correction. All right!
I read the guide (https://www.ardusimple.com/how-to-use-ardusimple-products-with-android-smartphones-tablets/) for the use of SW Maps but I only get Fix type: Single, with NTRIP Setting identical to that used with Lefebure (no data flow: 0B/s).
This happens either with Bluetooth or USB connection.
Has anyone managed to use SW Maps with simpleRTK2Blite?
With what configuration?
Thank you.

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Configuration looks of also for use with SW Maps. Did you select right COM port with correct baudrate? Also make sure that Lebefure is not open at the same time, might be that 2 apps can’t have access to the same serial port at the same time.

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Mauro Bettella answered 8 months ago

Hello, thanks for the reply.
The UART2 port is set to 38400. Everything works with Lefebure Client (Android and PC): NTRIP FIX OK!
The problem concerns Sw Maps: the bluetooth / USB connection is correct I get coordinates from the SimpleRTK2BLite receiver.
What I don’t get is the NTRIP fix! (no data flow 0B/s).
I think SW Maps is unable to read RTCM messages or that my simpleRTK2BLite card is not properly configured to transmit RTCM messages.
I need the configuration file of a GNSS receiver that works with Sw Maps to be able to compare it with mine to understand what is wrong.
Thanks again.

Buongiorno, grazie per la risposta.
La porta UART2 è impostata a 38400. Tutto funziona con Lefebure Client (Android e PC): correzione NTRIP FIX OK!
Il problema riguarda Sw Maps: la connessione bluetooth/USB è corretta ottengo coordinate dal ricevitore SimpleRTK2BLite.
Quello che non ottengo è la correzione NTRIP ! (nessun flusso dati 0B/s).
Penso che SW Maps non sia in grado di leggere i messaggi RTCM o che la mia scheda simpleRTK2BLite non sia configurata in modo adeguato per la trasmissione dei messaggi RTCM.
Mi servirebbe il file di configurazione di un ricevitore GNSS che funziona con Sw Maps per poterlo confrontare con il mio per capire cosa no va.
Grazie ancora. Mauro

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

simpleRTK2Blite should not transmit RTCM messages, should only receive RTCM messages. Our configuration file “Bluetooth on simpleRTK2B or simpleRTK2Blite” should work with SW Maps: https://www.ardusimple.com/configuration-files/

Mauro Bettella answered 8 months ago

My current configuration uses: srtk2b_bluetooth_FW_HPG112.txt.

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

I fear we need more details, e.g. screenshots from SW maps or even better a video. We made our tutorial with this configuration file and SW maps.

Mauro Bettella answered 8 months ago

Ok I prepare some material.
However, I would ask to have a configuration file for a receiver that works once connected to SW Maps with NTRIP correction.
(I would like to compare the individual u-blox keys with mine in order to rule out configuration problems.)
It would be nice to do a survey (by country of use) to understand if the problem I am experiencing has some geographical correlation in the Android system settings.
Thank you.

Ok preparo un po di materiale .
Chiederei comunque di avere un file di configurazione di un ricevitore che funziona una volta collegato a SW Maps con correzione NTRIP.
(Vorrei confrontare le singole chiavi u-blox con il mio, al fine di escludere problemi di configurazione.)
Sarebbe bello fare un sondaggio (per paese di utilizzo) per capire se il problema che io riscontro ha qualche correlazione di tipo geografico nelle inpostazioni di sistema di android.

Mauro Bettella answered 8 months ago

Lefebure Client - Float RTK
Lefebure Client - RTK
SW Maps - GPS Connection
SW Maps - NTRIP Settings
SW Maps - GPS Status

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Mauro,
Unfortunately your pictures were not uploaded properly, we can’t see them. please send them to info@ardusimple.com

Mauro Bettella replied 8 months ago

Right mouse button, open in new tab

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

We paste here the answer from Mauro, might be useful for the community:

Good morning Team Ardusimple
Good news…….
now simpleRTK2BLite works with SW Maps!
My suspicion was well founded:
my Android smartphone is localized with Italian language.
I changed the language setup to US English
and now it works!
The problem concerns the use of separator characters for numeric values:
number: 1234567,890
ITALY (EU) Setting: 1234567,890 (comma)
US / UK Setting: 1234567.890 (dot)
We need to check how simpleRTK2BLite provides numeric data.
I will contact the SW Maps developers to report the problem, which affects a large part of the European market !!!!

mario.brustia answered 6 months ago

Mario – Fron Italy
Confermo la soluzione del problema : cambiare lingua in US English