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Cosinus asked 11 months ago

My simpleRTK2B (latest firmware 1.12) is connected via USB to an Android smartphone running the SW Maps app. Communication works. However, although I can connect to an NTRIP server (connection is not refused) with exactly the same parameters as successfully used in u-blox u-center, there is 0B/s transferred data. Changing the smartphone language to English – as recommended by another user – did not work.

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

1. Do you mark the checkbox, “send NMEA GGA to NTRIP Caster” ? if no, select the checkbox.
2. Do you have enabled High Precision NMEA? UBX-CFG-NMEA? If yes try to disable.

Cosinus replied 11 months ago

1. checkbox is marked.
2. High precision NMEA is disabled.
No change.

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

Maybe I would give a try to another NTRIP client in android to confirm that if the problem is coming from SWMaps or from the configuration of the board. You can try Lebefure: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lefebure.ntripclient&hl=de_CH

Cosinus replied 11 months ago

With the Lefebure NTRIP Client app and using my credentials I can successfully connect to my NTRIP service provider, receive the list of mount points, choose one, and get pseudo-corrections (if I set a pseudo lat/lon within the app). However, the Lefebure app apparently cannot connect via USB to my simpleRTK2B device.

Ardusimple Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi cosinus, then it seems it has to do with sw maps, did you try open a ticket with them?

AndrewRL replied 10 months ago

@Cosinus Did you sort out the problem with SWMaps.

If not, it might help to know that Lefebure CAN connect via USB to simpleRTK2B.indirectly,

I use the app “USB Serial Port to TCP/IP Socket, UDP” by T2 TECHHUB from the Play Store on my Android phone to bridge the USB to a local port on my phone then set Lefebure to use that port with “External via TCP/IP (Beta)” in the receiver settings.

NB There are probably other apps which do the same thing, but make sure you choose one which is happy with binary not just ASCII.

13vadimka13 replied 2 months ago

AndrewRL, thank you for idea with USB Serial Port to TCP/IP Socket, UDP! I found the same app: TCPUART, but it free. I use it with Lefebure NTRIP Client app for mock location. This app allowed me to connect my receiver via USB to Mapit GIS for point staking out. Also I can use high accuracy with Locus Map app with different high resolution maps

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Cosinus answered 10 months ago

@AndrewRL: thanks for the info about connecting Lefebure to simpleRTK2B!
I have to apologize: user Mauro Bettella had already posted the answer and SW Maps indeed works with simpleRTK2B including caster corrections. It is mandatory to set the phone language to ‘English’. Stupid thing, I thought I had done so but the setting was ‘English (German)’, I have no idea what that strange setting means? If I ‘really’ set ‘English’ the SW Maps works as expected.
The point is number format e.g., the number between latitude 51 and 52 is spelt as ‘51.5’ in English and as ‘51,5’ in many other European languages. SW Maps knows this and displays numbers correctly for the chosen language. However, the caster communication ONLY works if the language is set to ‘English’. I have contacted the software developers from SW Maps and asked them to eventually modify their code to make it more convenient for ‘non-English’ users.

AndrewRL replied 10 months ago

@Cosinus OK thanks. Glad you already sorted it.

Jorge Rocha answered 2 months ago

Same problem here. Switching the Android language to English solves the NTRIP problem. Thanks for the previous discussion.

Mauro Bettella answered 2 months ago

Problem of decimal separators (.) (,) of numerical values in SWMaps for the Italian language has already been solved.
I no longer need to set the language, of my smartphone, in English !!!
Contact SWMaps Development Team to mark your language !!!!