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richardklasens asked 9 months ago

Hi there.
i’ll use a survey grade antenna with Your F9P for My rover (tractor).
does it need a ground plate? 
And is it good for rover or should i need a Ublox antenna?

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

The survey antenna doesn’t need a ground plane. It’s good for rover, it actually give better performance than Ublox antenna.

clive1 replied 9 months ago

Watch the voltage specifications.

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Denis answered 6 months ago

I currently using  2 ublox antenna on my base and rover, what sort of improvement (in general) would the Survey GNSS Multiband antenna give to the Rover and / or Base.

Ardusimple Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Denis,
Survey antenna is able to receive the signals slightly stronger than the ANN-MB, and therefore is a small step in several performance parameters:
– Faster time to first rtk fix
– Better capabilities to keep FIX MODE in challenging environments e.g. vibration of short interruptions of signals (e.g. trees).
– Longer base-rover baseline

clive1 replied 6 months ago

For the ANN-MB, you can improve performance with a reasonably sized ground plane. Consider a 30cm/12″ diameter disc, or at least 6-7″ one.

AndrewRL replied 6 months ago

That is interesting. With the 30cm ground plane do you think the ANN-MB will then be as good as the survey antenna or is there still sufficient advantage to justify going for the more expensive one?
Our simplertk2b base has the survey grade antenna – does it help the calculations if rover uses same model antenna as base?
Or is there a good two lead 868Mhz/GPS combined antenna to work more tidily with the LR Xbee module too or is it best to keep the two separate?

clive1 replied 6 months ago

Not sure there are “pro” antennas that combine GNSS/ISM bands, it is really a convenience play, where for example you drill a single hole in the trunk lid. There are almost always better ISM antenna options for a “Receive Only” deployment, ie where ERP doesn’t limit choices.
The survey antennas hopefully have higher levels of engineering, testing and repeatability (one antenna performs like the next) in the implementation.
The performance doesn’t scale linearly with price, the improvements are smaller and incremental. You’re looking to reduce indirect signals.
Having a reasonable ground plane on the ANN-MB will improve things, fairly significantly, in environments where you have indirect signals bouncing off things below the current antenna mounting.
Other antennas will provide for better mounting options.

AndrewRL replied 6 months ago

Good point thank you – keeping the ISM antenna separate would allow you to go bigger/better to improve the range (at least within the practicalities of vehicle mounting!)

And you are right the Taoglas combined active-GNSS + 868Mhz antenna I was looking at turns out to be L1 only so no good anyway.

osterhase1 replied 3 weeks ago

Hello, why has the survey Antenna a – Longer base-rover baseline???

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Is able to receive better signals.