Support for lower speed applications with the ZED-F9R, coming soon

Q&A forumSupport for lower speed applications with the ZED-F9R, coming soon
clive1 asked 2 years ago
Some of the documentation was updated at the end of last week, and follows a press release earlier this year. The prior iteration was automotive centric, with a 30 kph requirement for sensor fusion.
The firmware should be publicly available within a week or two. If you don’t have an FAE assigned to your account use the Project Registration as a means to get into the CRM database, noting your application, and need for lower dynamics.
The Lawn Mower (sub 2 m/s) and Scooter (sub 50 m/s) dynamics are less than those of the Automotive (sub 100 m/s) dynamics, and should fuse based on the anticipate ranges of those dynamics.
Support for SPARTN (Sapcorda) has been added, as has a UBX-NAV-PVAT (01 17) message providing Position, Velocity, Attitude and Time in a single message, which expands on the prior PVT message. This is supported in uCenter 2.0

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