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cono44 asked 10 months ago

What do I need to do to supply corrections via NTRIP to my simplertk+heading kit?
I am connected via USB to the main simpleRTK2B board of my kit and have tried supplying corrections via the ntrip client in u-center however when I do this I immediately lose Fix and the reported heading becomes incorrect.
I see here the suggested way of supplying corrections over a radio link with a radio connected on top of the simplertk2Blite. Since I’m connecting to my base station over ntrip rather than with radios however this won’t work.
I’m assuming a WIFI NTRIP MASTER card in place of a radio card as per the example in the link would work? Is there any other way to configure things to work via u-center only however?

Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

Hi Cono44,
The kit is pre-configured so that the lite works as a “rover” and “moving base” and the big board is only a “rover” for heading/relposition.
– You can provide corrections to the lite board by plugging to POWER+XBEE USB connector.
– Alternatively you can connect WiFi NTRIP Master on top of the lite.
– Lastly you can also use the Pixhawk connector.

cono44 replied 10 months ago

Thanks, didn’t realize I could connect via the POWER+XBEE USB connector (seems obvious now!). I’ll try this tomorrow. Thanks again.

Ardusimple Staff replied 10 months ago

We just published a small guide to explain better this interconnection:

cono44 replied 10 months ago

Great! Thanks!

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clive1 answered 10 months ago

The data flow through here is that the 2BLite sends data to the 2B board below it, and the 2B provides the direction/orientation data via UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED. The RTCM3 from the Base/NTRIP source needs to get into the 2BLite board, and the secondary means of doing that is through the Pixhawk UART connection.

clive1 replied 10 months ago

You’d need to take a USB-to-CMOS Serial dongle, and wire that to the Pixhawk JST connector, and then you could talk to the 2BLite with uCenter, and the NTRIP client there.
Another way would be to use a Bluetooth XBee module and send data to that via a PC Bluetooth dongle, or Smart Phone running the Lefebure NTRIP

cono44 replied 10 months ago

Thanks! Good call with the adapter, hadn’t considered going that route.