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Still not successful to get RTK2B V3 + 4G NTRIP working

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsStill not successful to get RTK2B V3 + 4G NTRIP working
roborobo asked 1 month ago
Initially I updated RTK2B to Firmware 1.3 and the 4G NTRIP to 1.53.
4G NTRIP was setup and after startup blinks fast. It sends data during startup but then no more data is sent from XBee to GPS (LED stays dark). 
MON / MSGPP shows no RTCM3 messages on UART 1, only some bytes during startup.
4G NTRIP is on UART1. Baudrate is 115000 and  RTCM3  is set as in and NMEA is set as out.
UART2 is deactivated. Switch below XBee socket is on UART 1 of course.
Is there any configuration available that would support RTK2B and 4G NTRIP as described above? I tried everything I could find in this forum and I am still not successful to get RTK fix. 
Could there be an issue with the 4G NTRIP?
Thanks for your help.
Staff replied 1 month ago

Can you please check the new official release from this link:
You will see a new configuration tool that should help with the procedure.
Please follow the instructions step by step.

2 Answers
roborobo answered 1 month ago
Hi, just tried the new 4G NTRIP configuration tool. I tried to load firmware V 1.53 and added a freshly prepared parameter file for NTRIP Client. Everything started fine, firmware upgrade reached 100%. Then the progress bar went back to 75% and the status bar displayed “error”. No more progress. I also tried Firmware V 2.13. Same issue. 
What can I do now?

roborobo answered 4 weeks ago
I was able to configure the 4G NTRIP with the previous method using Telit. 
It is now on Firmware V 1.53 and contains my new parameters. For initial testing I use an RTK2go mountpoint close by.
Moreover I started from scratch to configure the RTK2B V3 with 4G NTRIP on UART2. This time I started from the configuration file “Rover 1Hz” and “Rover 10 Hz”.
Which configuration file would match for RTK2B and 4G NTRIP? 
In my case after firmware upgrade to 1.30 and  setting the configuration back on default, I have no more ardusimple default configuration available. Could you also share your default configuration file? 
Finally I could make it work to get RTK fix. However, same conditions and setup sometimes works nice with RTK fix, sometimes sticks at floating and sometimes sticks at 3D fix.
My feeling is that the micro USB cables make the problems. I found one which works good now most of the time.
Is it possible to run the rtk2B with 4G NTRIP at 5 Hz or even 10 Hz stable?
Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Rover 1Hz configuration should work fine with your product combination.
Make sure to check if your NTRIP Caster needs your receiver position, if this is the case, you will need to send NMEA-GGA on UART2 also.
Regarding que fix quality, please make sure that your antenna is properly connected and that is placed in a location with a clear view of the sky.
You should be able to run at 5Hz and 10Hz without problems.
ArduSimple Team

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