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COMBECAVE Jérôme asked 2 years ago
I have :

  • simpleRTK2B + BT (Ardusimple) + antenna
  • a smartphone with enable mock location (lefebure) 
  • i’m connected to NTRIP caster. Tried 3 differents bases
  • i loaded simpleRTK2B_FW113_Bluetooth-02.txt.

I tested on several apps (lefebure, TcpGPS, SWMaps) and it appears that i’m in standalone mode (receiving 12 satellites).

  • Connection to caster is successful and lefebutre is downloading bytes 
  • Correction age is Unknown (lefebure)
  •  RTK2B Board No RTK LED is on. GPS>Xbee, GPS Fix and the BT are blink.

I tested also with USB connection via SWMaps. Still standalone mode.
Any idea ?

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Staff replied 2 years ago

1. Which NTRIP caster are you using? Is it an RTK caster or DGNSS caster?
2. Which messages is your caster using? And are they compatible with F9P?
3. How far away is the base station from the nearest base station ?

replied 2 years ago

1. RTK caster (named centipede)
2. 100% comptabible with F9P. RTCM3 messages
3. Nearest base station is … maybe 30m away ? It’s my own base, uploaded in a free-sharing caster (, but it doesn’t work with other bases too. Tried with another receiver, caster is working (within 30 seconds).

Staff replied 2 years ago

Can you go back and try connection via USB to your caster via u-center? Once you are successfully connected, can you go and check UBX-RXM-RTCM message? It will tell you if correction data is coming in.

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COMBECAVE Jérôme answered 2 years ago

Sorry, in fact i’m in Fixed Mode (image below), but it’s not aan RKT accuracy (2D acc : 1.5m…) Something is missing, but what ?





Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Jerome,

From the picture below you are in 3D mode, not RTK FIX. If you are not receiving RTCM data and you are connected to your caster, means your base station is not pushing correction data to the caster.

Just to confirm/discard if your NTRIP service is the problem, check if you can connect successfully to a free base station from this network. Check this website if by chance you have a free base station in your area, click on “View all”:

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