SSR Correction Settings for simpleRTK2B – 4G NTRIP Starter Kit

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yunus.emre.arslantas asked 1 year ago
Dear Ardusimple Team,
I have bought two simpleRTK2B – 4G NTRIP Starter Kits for the company that I am working for. I have configured the first kit and get the corrections using 4G NTRIP Master. The first kit works quite stable and without any problem after following steps in the tutorials section.
I am trying to configure the second kit to get the free SSR corrections until the end of this year. Here are the steps I have followed:

  1. I have upgraded to ZED F9P HPG 1.32 for the GNSS receiver.(checked ver in u-center)
  2. I have upgraded to FW V2.13 for the NTRIP Master. After this upgrade, I have contacted with you and get the custom command for the IMEI number I have provided to you. The custom code has been applied successfully.
  3. I have created the parameter file for Point Perfect settings using Ardusimple free credentials. The parameter file has been also sent to the NTRIP Master successfully. (UART 1/2 disabled and enabled)
  4. Finally I have used Rover 1Hz with 4G NTRIP Client (sending NMEA-GGA) configuration for the receiver as suggested while creating the parameter file in Step 3.

I connect the receiver using USB cable. The red light on the NTRIP Master is blinking fast. However, i can’t achieve RTK accuracy in u-center (ver 22.05). In order to make sure that the GNSS receiver settings are correct, I have simply used NTRIP Master board from the first kit and I got RTK Fix.
I think NTRIP Master is not able to send the corrections to GNSS receiver, the XBEE>GPS led is always off. How can I check that NTRIP Master is getting the corrections and sending to GNSS receiver? Or am I missing anything for the steps above? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Staff replied 1 year ago

Hello, the process you described seems correct.
Can you please regenerate the parameters file enabling debug messages, connect via POWER+XBEE port to a terminal application (Putty, RealTerm, …) and send us a log at
ArduSimple Team

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