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bakalolo asked 5 months ago

I have set up the ucenter program set to output both NMEA and RAW messages for my application.  As expected I have the mixed NMEA and RAW data coming to my computer’s single serial port when connected to simplertk2b’s GPS usb port.  
Is there any way to configure NMEA and RAW to their own individual output instead of mixed into one output?  Say have RAW still come out of GPS usb and NMEA from arduino header or something like that.  Would be really helpful for my application.  THanks.

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clive1 answered 4 months ago

UART2 can output NMEA, but not UBX
You could have UART1 output raw measurements via UBX-RXM-RAWX
The UBX-CFG-PRT can select output modes of each port, and UBX-CFG-MSG can enable/disable specific messages (NMEA, UBX, etc) to specific ports.

Wolfgang replied 4 months ago

This begs the question: why would the radio have been wired to UART2 instead of UART1?