SOLUTION: If you don't get answers from AT in a serial connection

Q&A forumSOLUTION: If you don't get answers from AT in a serial connection
unic0rned asked 8 months ago

This post is meant as a help to all the other beginners out there that fail on changing the Baud rate of their Bluetooth XBEE’s ;)))))
I spent so many hours on this it’s uncountable. But I found my mistake. And it’s a super simple one. If anyone has problems with AT commands and finds this post may it help you 🙂
So first I have a HC-05 Bluetooth XBEE and a WAVESHARE XBEE. I couldn’t get them to resond to my AT commands with my FTDI Adapter.
Here is the problem that I was facing that you might be facing too. There are nice illustrations of the HC-05 XBEE for example where it shows the pins for RX and TX. That means transmit and receive. As a Beginner I thought this means, I have to connect the RX/TX pins from my FTDI to those PINS.
But it’s the other way around. Once understood it makes sense of course. The RX pin of the FTDI adapter needs to go to the TX pin of the XBEE. So that they can talk to each other. The TX pin of the FTDI adapter needs to connect to the RX pin of the XBEE.
Then you should get an OK response to your AT command if all the rest is fine 😉 Serial connection with FTDI drivers installed and correct baud rate.
Hope this helps someone 🙂

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi unic0rned,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the community!