single UART RTK rover using german SAPOS service

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MS71 asked 3 weeks ago

i just bought a simpleRTK2B basic starter kit.
I like to use this module on a rover controlled by an ESP32 connected with UART1 only.
The ESP32 should connect to the german free SAPOS service and send the RTCM3 messages to
the F9P RX pin. This should provide the corrected position back to the ESP32.
Do you have a good starting point (e.g. F9P config) for this use case.
Thank you in advance.

clive1 replied 3 weeks ago

Default configuration should allow for RTCM3 on UART1 @ 38400 baud

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MS71 answered 3 weeks ago

Hi again,  
SAPOS => NTRIP2 Client => F9P.UART1.RX
F9P.UART1.TX => RTK position to application    
Is there something else? Is it required to send something to the sapos server?    

clive1 replied 3 weeks ago

I don’t know, what are their stated requirements?
NTRIP servers frequently want a position via NMEA to determine location of service / VRS.
The TX output of the ZED-F9P can fork to multiple inputs on MCU, etc.
What does you coding on the ESP32 need?

MS71 replied 3 weeks ago

thank you for the answer.

Do you know what NMEA message i have to send to the NTRIP server?
Or, simply the complete F9P TX bytestream.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

GGA message is usually required.