Simultaneously Radio link and NTPRIP send data?

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Marcin Fischer asked 4 weeks ago

Is this possible to send RTCM data from base to rover via xbee link, and send this data from base to NTPRIP server? Normally I use radio link but above 5km I must use NTPRIP (my app support NTPRIP client). Is it possible?

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clive1 answered 4 weeks ago

The output stream from the Base receiver can be piped over whichever channel(s) you want.
On the Rover, with HPG 1.13 FW you can select the source “Station ID” from different ones, or at a micro-controller level reconfigure UART2 (XBEE) input parameters, and deliver data via alternate interfaces.

Marcin Fischer replied 4 weeks ago

Yeah, NTRIP (my mistake).
But I want to connect to base station module two ways for rtcm – radio link (xbee) and esp32 (or something else) for streaming rtcm data do ex. rtk2go

clive1 replied 4 weeks ago

Ok, but think you’re erecting hurdles that don’t exist.
The data comes out of the Base in the same form, where you ultimately send the data isn’t really a concern of the module.
You can output RTCM3 data on UART1, UART2 and USB concurrently.