SimpleRTK2Blitre: I can not connect u-center software.

Q&A forumSimpleRTK2Blitre: I can not connect u-center software.
kodama asked 1 week ago

The other day I purchased simpleRTK2B + heading.
I tried to put new firmware into the included RTK2BLite module, but I couldn’t connect to Ublox U-center.
RTK2BLite is connected to a PC using a USB adapter for XBEE, but no settings can be made and data cannot be received in u-center. What should I do now.

clive1 replied 1 week ago

What baud rate are you using? Which have you tried?

Trebla replied 3 days ago

Is device visible in “Device Manager” ?

2 Answers
kodama answered 5 days ago

Of course I tried almost all baud rates.
However, I couldn’t see the settings in u-center at any baud rate.

Trebla answered 1 day ago  chapter “XBee to USB Adapter”. if your PC doesn’t recognize the device, you will need the VCP driver from FTDI:

clive1 replied 1 day ago

Was able to connect to the prototype boards with the USB Dongle without any issues.
I would probably was for correct orientation, and pin alignment.

Trebla replied 1 day ago

What? Do you think device is turned 180 Degree wrong?