simpleRTK2Blite with XBee to USB-C adapter connect Rasberrypi4

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Ervin Molnár asked 2 months ago
Dear Ardusimple!
I would like to ask you a question, I would like to connect the one (simpleRTK2Blite with XBee to USB-C adapter) to the Rasberrypi4 to function as an RTK base. Rasberrypi4 cannot recognize simpleRTK2Blite. I would like your help in this, whether this connection is possible and, if so, how I can solve this.

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago
Dear Ervin,
The challenge here will be setting up the correct baudrate in Linux. You should be able to follow this tutorial 1-to-1:

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