simpleRTK2Blite with WiFi NTRIP Master – Same RF Limitations?

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Thomas Duffy asked 3 months ago

I purchased a simpleRTK2Blite and the WiFi NTRIP Master.  I want to use this as a fixed base station with surveyed in antenna location and send over the internet.  I assume I can use the config file for a base to set things up initially?  However, I do want to set fixed mode after I get my antenna position with OPUS.  My question comes down to setting the RTCM messages.  The base config file does not enable Beidou messages I am assuming because the xbee LR radio link does not have enough bandwidth to handle that much data.  Does the WiFi NTRIP Master have the same issues?  I am assuming it will be able to handle much more bandwidth throughput if it is close to the wifi access point.  That or my assumption is wrong and the data throughput is limited by the UART2 interface itself?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

Actually in normal conditions is not a problem of bandwidth, but in many scenarios (especially urban environment with a lot of rf interference) we have seen that if the remove beidou corrections the rf link is much more relaxed. That’s the reason why it was disabled from the configuration files.

With the Wifi it should not be a problem to enable beidou also as long as the wifi coverage is good.