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simpleRTK2Blite EXTINT LC filter and PPK at 10hz

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionssimpleRTK2Blite EXTINT LC filter and PPK at 10hz
Thiago Kern asked 4 months ago

Hi all!
I couldn’t find any information to confirm if the simpleRTK2Blite has a LC filter or not on the EXTINT pin already. Does it?
Also, i’m planning to use the simpleRTK2Blite for logging ubx data at 10hz with the Serial Datalogger to microSD. I’ve tried doing it by using the Configuration file “https://www.ardusimple.com/configuration-files/”>RAW data (PPK) over UART1 & USB at 1Hz” and changing the rate to 10hz, but the RAW data is not saved correctly to the SD card..

obs: the datalogger works fine at 1hz.

Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi Thiago,
simpleRTK2Blite doesn’t have built-in filter for EXTINT.
10Hz RAW data is too much data for our datalogger which supports maximum 57’600bps. You can store events at 10Hz, but not RAW satellite data.

replied 4 months ago

Do you have any of the carrier boards without the OpenLog attached?
The dRonin Open Lager board has the same pin mapping/form-factor as I recall, and can sink a lot more data. Several Hundred KBaud.

Staff replied 4 months ago

We have carrier boards without openlog attached yes, but we don’t have dRonin boards. If you want a few you can contact my colleagues at info@ardusimple.com.