SimpleRTK2Blite connection to Mission Planner Issue

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Rajpinderjit Singh asked 10 months ago

I have this weird issue for which I can’t determine an explanation.     I begin my uploading the moving base configuration file onto the SimpleRTK2Blite board.  I then hook it on top of the SimpleRTK2B Budget board’s Xbee adapter.  I hook up the Xbee LR radio on top of that and after a minute or so, I’ll get the GPS fix led blinking on both boards and NO RTK led goes out on both boards.  Wonderful.

Now if I plug the JST-GH connector to my Pixhawk OrangeCube and to the JST-GH connector of SimpleRTK2Blite board,  I get no GPS connection on Mission Planner (nothing in messages either of any connection).   To make matters simple, I’ll remove the XBee LR radio from the top of SimpleRTK2Blite board as well.      Again, no GPS connection in Mission Planner

If I pull out the SimpleRTK2Blite board from the SimpleRTK2B Budget’s Xbee ports,   and since the RTK2Blite’s JST-GH connector is already plugged into Pixhawk, about 15 or so seconds later, mission planner picks up GPS: 3D Fix. Again, all I did is pull it out of the bigger board,  so why was it not connecting before?

If I now unplug the Pixhawk connector, it loses power now,  I then plug the SimpleRTK2Blite back onto the SimpleRTK2B Budget board, wait few seconds for the GPS fix led to begin blinking, I plug the JST-GH connector again and mission planner again doesn’t pick up any GPS.  If I pull the SimpleRTK2Blite board out again (while stilled plugged into Pixhawk, so it has power), few seconds later I have GPS: 3D Fix.

Here’s the weird part. while I have the GPS fix, if I plug the SimpleRTK2blite board back onto the SimpleRTK2B Budget board, I still have my GPS fix, but if I unplug the Pixhawk connector and plug it back in, I get the GPS: 3D Fix again.

I can’t seem to figure out why when I plug the SimpleRTK2Blite (no power connection) onto SimpleRTK2B Budget board and then connect the JST-GH connector to Pixhawk, I don’t get a GPS: 3D Fix in the mission planner.

Why does the connection of GPS happen if I pull the SimpleRTK2Blite board out of the SimpleRTK2B Budget board.     It seems that if power is initially sent to start the SimpleRTK2Blite by Pixhawk connection, it’ll connect,  but if power was initially given by the SimpleRTK2B Budget board, then it won’t connect.

Can anyone explain why this is happening? I would really appreciate it.

Staff replied 10 months ago

Not sure what configurations did you upload on the simpleRTK2B and simpleRTK2Blite, but generally you would connect the Pixhawk to the simpleRTK2B, not the simpleRTK2Blite.
Can you please try that?

Rajpinderjit Singh
replied 10 months ago

It works with SimpleRTK2B Budget just fine and it also works just fine with SimpleRTK2blite (if i unplug it from SimpleRTK2B Budget). But I need to keep the lite plugged into the bigger one, so that it can send the RTCM3 messages (the lite has the Xbee LR radio connected on top of it)

Mission Planner Copter Documentation says to plug in both GPS into the Pixhawk Cube Orange for GPS Yaw. So that’s why I’m trying to connect both. But the SimpleRTK2lite doesn’t connect to Mission planner while it is plugged into the SimpleRTK2B Budget board, the moment I pull it off, it connects (but then if I pull it off, it is no longer sending RTCM3 messages to the bigger SimpleRTK2B Budget board that it was connected to)

So I can’t figure out why the SimpleRTK2Blite doesn’t connect to Pixhawk (it has moving base uploaded to it) while it is plugged onto the SimpleRTK2B Budget board.

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