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George3115 asked 9 months ago

I bought

simpleRTK2Blite – Basic Starter Kit

I could connect this board via bluetooth with my Samsung S9, Android 10 one time. Now I get a connection, but there is no data stream. I see no satellite in SW Maps. I tried to pair it once again, without success.
In u-center 20.01 it works.
Some points you may have to know:

  1. I “played” a little bit in u-center, but I never press Save or update.
  2. I paired ardusimple also with LENOVO laptop and Samsung Galaxy TAB S9, Android 10.

Could you help.
PS: Thanks for very fast shipping.

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

1. which bluetooth are you using? ardusimple or third party?
2. did you enable nmea on uart2 at 38’400bps? ubx-cfg-prt

1 Answers
George3115 answered 9 months ago
  1. I don’t know what you mean. Where can I check this?
  2. Please see the enclosed screenshot1 and screenshot2. Should I config uart2 like uart1?

Additional Questions:
4.If I have to change something in u-center –> Messages. Is there any guide?
5. How much is the power consumption approximately?

Ardusimple Staff replied 9 months ago

1. if you bought bluetooth module from ardusimple, i guess answer is yes.
2. yes
5. 100mA @ 5V

George3115 replied 9 months ago

Thanks. It works. Maybe it worked the whole time. Sometimes I wait 30 secondes next time about 10 minutes. For my purpose it’s OK.