SimpleRTK2B with bluetooth for rtk app survey on smartphone

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amorosik asked 7 months ago

I would like to use a SimpleRTK2B card as a gps receiver on a pole for gnss survey
By mounting the bluetooth module on the card I would like to allow the card to send the position data to a smartphone and simultaneously acquire the rtcm corrections that the smartphone receives having an ntrip client installed
Now, the software for acquiring points is the X app, while the ntrip client for sending corrections to the card is the Y app
At the same time they cannot connect with the only bluetooth module fixed above the card
There is the possibility of communicating two apps with the only bluetooth module on the board or two bluetooth modules must be installed, one for the data that leaves the gps receiver and goes to the smartphone and the other for the corrections that go from the smartphone to gps receiver?

omar.cutimbo replied 7 months ago

buen dia.
El SWmaps realiza lo que deseas..
en todo caso usa el Ntrip clien (lefebure).
no comprendo muy bien tu consulta.