SimpleRTK2B + WiFi NTRIP Master + Shield for second Plugin Socket + RS232 Plugin. How to Configure?

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TinkerFry asked 1 year ago
I’ve got a setup in mind that I’m trying to put together.
I’d like to have a WiFi NTRIP Master getting an RTK correction via a hotspot on my phone from my base station to my SimpleRTK2B board, then outputting the corrected signal as NMEA through the RS232 plugin to my Raven Smartraxx/Viper 4.
The Viper 4 requires:

  • GGA 10Hz
  • VTG 10Hz
  • ZDA 0.2Hz
  • Baud 19200

I have the WiFi NTRIP Master set up as a client to receive the correction from my caster, but I haven’t been able to output the corrected NMEA string from the RS232 Plugin. I am looking for help figuring out the correct settings to apply in Ucenter.

  1. Is such a setup even possible?
  2. What is the correct physical configuration of my pieces? Does the RS232 Plugin go on the board or on the second socket? Attached is a picture of the configuration I have tried.
  3. What UART (or other) configuration do I need in Ucenter in order to bring my correction signal from the base, combine it with my onboard SimpleRTK2B GPS signal, then output that to the RS232?
  4. I know how to select which messages I want, but is it possible to change the Hz for individual messages?

Thanks for your help, I’m sure I’ll have more questions to get this setup working.

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Ardusimple Staff answered 1 year ago
  1. Yes it’s possible.
  2. You can do as you wish, we recommend for power optimization WiFi connected directly to the board (UART2), and RS232 connected to the shield (with switch to UART1)
  3. and 4. With the setup described in (2)
    • First disable not needed NMEA messages. It’s important to do this first as you will increase the update rate and you want to avoid buffer overflow. Go to UBX-CFG-MSG and disable all NMEA messages that you don’t need.
    • Still in the same UBX-CFG-MSG, write a number “1” for the messages that you want at 10Hz, and a “50” for the messages that you want at 0.2Hz. This number means every how many positions should the message be sent.
    • Now you are read to increase baudrate to 10Hz. Go to UBX-CFG-RATE and change measurements period to 100ms.
    • Finally configure UARTS. UART2 will need to be 115’200bps, protocol in RTCM, protocol out NMEA if your caster needs GGA, if your caster doesn’t need GGA you can set Protocol out to NONE. UART1 baudrate 19’200bps, protocol in NONE, protocol out NMEA.
    • Remember at the end to go to UBX-CFG-CFG “save current configuration” to store this in flash.
replied 1 year ago

Thank you very much for your help!
To get the setup completely working I also had to switch the Talker ID from GN to GP.

Staff replied 1 year ago

You can do this from UBX-CFG-NMEA message.

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