SimpleRTK2B UART2 Xbee setting Trouble:gps=>Xbee led not lighting

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ich48397 asked 1 month ago
Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Can you extend your explanation?
1. Which product do you have? only simpleRTK2B or MR/LR kit?
2. How do you enable UART2?

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ich48397 answered 1 month ago

Thanks your supports. I purchased the simpleRTK2B+heading – Basic Starter Kit IP67 December 2019 from japan.
A few weeks ago ,I could connect Xbee on SimpleRTK2B to send RTCM3 ,to Xbee on SimpleRTK2lite.
Yeseterday I can not connetct Xbee on SimpleRTK2B, gps->Xbee LED not lighting,but xbee->gps LED liting.
my configuration schemozzled ,some times I tryed to revert default condition at ubx-cfg-cfg .but gos->Xbee not lighting.
So I downloaded your SimpleRTK2B-master from git,
and setting the “srtk2b_bluetooth_FW_HPG112” FILE
Then gps->Xbee ligting Started !!!  PC Xbee can recieve SimpleRTK2B output UBX+NMEA .
Tnak you for your master configuration files.
※I want to measure ski heading ,but I repeated failure Moving Base configuration ,NAV-RELPOSNED does not work.
 Please show me, easy set up for heading. SimpleRTK2B+SimpleRTK2lite configuration.
My skiing trace movie is uploaded YOUTUBE,But low accuracy,

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi ich48397,
All configuration files are available here:
If you use the simpleRTK2B+heading configuration files it should be plug-and-play to receive RELPOSNED with heading on the large board.
I checked your video, and I see 2 challenges:
– Limited sky view from the antennas, this will limit accuracy.
– Limited distance between 2 units, this will also make difficult heading calculation.
– High dynamic conditions and vibration (skier).

Recommended antenna distance for sub 1 degree accuracy in low dynamic conditions is 50cm.

Good luck with your project, hope we can see some results soon.

ich48397 answered 1 month ago

Thank you  quick response, I  try to set the confgure files,
 I’m sorry for the rudimentary question
  I have  ansure items  int PAGE  as  below ,
1;MB (Moving Base) of a simpleRTK2B+heading kit
    What this kit connection, Is SimpleRTK2 lite UART1 pin  inserted in  SimpleRTK2B UART2 Xbee socket? 
SimpleRTK2B is MovingBase or Rover 
 Filename: “srtk2b+heading_lite_movingbase_FW_HPG112.txt”=> write to SimpleRTK2B or SimpleRTK2lite?
 2:Rover of a simpleRTK2B+heading kit 
     Is  SimpleRTK2lite  Rover?
   Filename: “srtk2b+heading_rover_F9P_FW_HPG112.txt”=>write to SimpleRTK2lite? or SimpleRTK2B?

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

simpleRTK2Blite: srtk2b+heading_lite_movingbase_FW_HPG112.txt
simleRTK2B: srtk2b+heading_rover_F9P_FW_HPG112.txt

ich48397 answered 1 month ago

Thanks  , I  tryed many times,to config  to refer   your pages   and
simpleRTK2Blite:srtk2b + heading_lite_movingbase_FW_HPG112.txt
simleRTK2B:srtk2b + heading_rover_F9P_FW_HPG112.txt

writing finished, I was confirmed  through Advanced Configuration>cfg-MSGOUT  , 0X1 mark checked ,then writing is OK.
I watch   Ucenter  NAV>RELPOSNED  through  SimpleRTK2B  USB ,but RELPOSNED not work, 
SimpleRTK2lite  is NO RTK and SimpleRTK2B is NO RTK too.
Antena distance is about 80cm .
Alone SimpleRTK2lite  NTRIP measurement is good,FIXED 1cm within 2minute.

Please  give  an advice ,what wrong?
best regards.

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

1. Are you loading the configuration files using our guide. You need to make sure you select “8/M8 configuration files”. Unfortunately we are still using the old protocol.
2. With which board are you sending NTRIP corrections?

Lastly, it would be very helpful to collect logfiles with following messages enabled: ubx-nav-pvt, ubx-nav-relposned, ubx-mon-comms, ubx-rxm-rtcm.

ich48397 answered 1 month ago

1, i was using generation9  ,then I chnage  to M8/8 and writing the 2 config files.
2,Now NTRIP is not use,Moving base evaluaiton only ,so SimpleRTK2Blite  not put on Xbee for NTRIP recieve.

Result is same as  Yesterday,
Upper  SimpleRTK2Blite LED=NO RTK Lighting/GPS FIX Flasing /RTCM IN  Off
 Below SimpleRTK2B LED=NO RTK Lighting/Xbee->GPS Flashing/GPS FIX Flashing/GPS->Xbee Off

Checking  SimpleRTK2B through USB
NAV-PVT enabled=>updating
NAV-RELPOSNED nabled=>No aciton only GPS ToW t counting
MON-COMMS enabled=> UART1(0x01)TX= 200byte/sec increasing  ,USBTX(0x03)=400byte/sec increasing,UART2(0x12)TX=none,
                                     => UART1(0x01)RX=none,USB(0x03)RX=stop,UART2(0x12)RX=700byte/sec increasing,
               BUT  UART2(0x12) send sentences  All zero  Skipped byte 700byte/sec incresing

RXM-RTCM enabled=>Empty
SimpleRTK2B  can not  undestand message to SimpleRTK2Blite ?

Is it possible master Configuration  to Hand input?

Please  give me your advices.
Best regards.

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi ich48394,
Very interesting. Now we see there is data going from simpleRTK2Blite to simpleRTK2B. Next check, can you enable on simpleRTK2B the message ubx-mon-msgpp , this will indicate which data is coming from simpleRTK2Blite.

ich48397 answered 1 month ago

  UBX-MON-MSGPP  enabled=>  RTCM3   msg  UART 7624     is displayed.
I think ,I must learn to  UBX  inspection functions from now on.

best regards.