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Michael Plank asked 3 weeks ago

Hi there,
first I have to thank you for your very interesting and obviously sophisticated products. Unfortunately I’m an absolut beginner on this topic.
I purchased the simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit LR and the Raspberry PI adapter for simpleRTK2B.
Now I tried to follow your instructions in the tutorial “Connect you simpleRTK2B to a Raspberry PI”. Unfortunately, I have already failed to connect the simpleRTK2B with the adapter, since there are apparently no suitable connections.
So I’ld highly appreciate if you could tell me how to get the simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit LR working with the Raspberry PI. What has to be done.
I look forward to your highly appreciated response.
Best regards,

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Dear Michael,
Thanks for the explanation. From what you say it seems you are struggling with the physical connection?
Do you have boards with headers or without headers? It is recommended to use arduino headers so you don’t need to solder cables, and just stack the simpleRTK2B rover on top of the shield.
If you don’t have them, do you have a way to get a set and solder them yourself? It will really make your life easier.
Until then alternatively you can use USB to connect with RPi, until the missing material arrives to you.
If this was not the problem it would be great if you could describe at which step you are getting stuck.

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Michael Plank answered 3 weeks ago

Thank you, for your quick reply.
Yep, that’s right. At the moment I’m struggeling with the pyhsical connection.
So I’ll have to order the headers. I guess, we are talking about the “Headers kit (not soldered)” on your webshop, right?
Do you provide a description, where to solder them?
Can you please provide me with instructions on how to get the simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit LR working with the Raspberry PI using the USB-Port?
Thanks a lot and best regards

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Yes the arduino headers. Look at the picture in our site to see in which orientation the need to be soldered, there’s not too many options, you will do it right.

As for connection over USB to RPi it’s very similar as u-blox uses serial port over USB. List your serial interfaces, then when connecting the board via GPS+POWER, list them again and note which is the new dev/serial or dev/tty in your system. This one will be the one with the GPS serial stream. You can then use gpsd or another tool to work with the gps data.