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Suchit Sharma asked 4 months ago

I have just received my Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B with arduino headers and NTRIP master. The device is not visible as COM port in u center in windows 10. In ubuntu it doesn’t show as a /dev/ttyxxx.
When I plug in the device into USB the LEDs(No RTK, GPS FIX blinking) light up. On adding NTRIP master the led XBEE>GPS also blinks but very lightly. I have installed FTDI drivers but nothing works.
Is the USB interface of the device defective?
Please help me

2 Answers
clive1 answered 4 months ago

Make sure you are using a viable micro-usb cable, not a power-only charger cable.
Try the GPS-USB connector on the SMA/ZED end of the board.

Suchit Sharma answered 4 months ago

Thanks it was the power USB. With data USB it is connected.