SimpleRTK2B Movingbase Configuration with UBX-RELPOSNED

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Lars4 asked 3 months ago

i have connected a ZED-F9P ArduSimpleRTK2B via UART to my microcontroller.
The F9P is receiving RTCM over radio and should calculate UBX-RELPOSNED and transmit via UART1 to my microcontroller. But it is not working. I´m getting no data via UART1. In uCenter via USB i see the correct RELPOSNED messages, but they are different from the RELPOSNED messages on my microcontroller.
I have enabled UBX-RELPOSNED on UART1 and i´m receiving the right RTCM messages. Should i enable more messages on UART1 to receive the right RELPOSNED?
I hope somebody can help me.
Best regards

Ardusimple Staff replied 2 months ago

Hi Lars,
RELPOSNED messages should be the same on USB and UART interface.
A starting check: could you increase the baudrate of the UART? It could be that you are trying to send too much data over the UART and you are missing messages or receiving old messages because the new ones are still in the output buffer pending to send.