simpleRTK2B hack #1 with bidirectional data on XBEE USB?

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eliaschief asked 1 month ago

Is it possible with a little modification to use bidirectional comms with hack #1? Is there a schematic available for the simpleRTK2B to help me figure where I could modify the pcb?

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

No, only unidirectional. Need to use a TTL to USB adapter from arduino pins. Nevertheless UART2 doesn’t understand anything other than RTCM as input, as it doesn’t support UBX protocol.
We don’t publish complete schematics, but if you can explain what you are trying to do we can try to help.

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eliaschief answered 1 month ago

I have it in a combine where I’m feeding NMEA at 8hz to AgOpenGPS and AoG is sending back RTCM via USB. I’m also sending NMEA at 1hz 4800bps to the combine via UART 1 through a TTL to RS232 adapter. I’d like to also, at the same time, connect via u-center from the same tablet.
If I understand hack #2 correctly, UART 2 is essentially disabled. Otherwise it could output NMEA to the combine via the RS232 adapter and UART 1 could be piped through the FTDI for AoG and then use the main USB for u-center. I just need to know where, if necessary, to cut a couple traces so that UART 2 doesn’t interfere with the UART 1 & the FTDI

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

We are sorry but we can’t give such guidance, as we cannot provide warranty if the description is not correctly made. Unfortunately we can’t give such guidance for modification, thank you for your understanding.
We can only propose solutions to your issue, but you will need TTL to USB adapter:
– Option 1. You use TTL to RS2332 adapter with UART2 in arduino rails, and use UART1 from Pixhawk connector with TTL to USB adapter to PC.
– Option 2. You use TTL to USB with UART2 in arduino rails.