simpleRTK2B hack #1: unleash the double USB power of simpleRTK2B

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T1000 asked 4 months ago

Good evening,
I was following hack #1 to use the POWER+XBEE USB with my preferred NMEA application while providing NTRIP corrections via the POWER+GPS USB from u center software. But did not get it working, neither on W10 nor on W7.
When connecting POWER+GPS USB to my computer, starting u-center and NTRIP-connection everyithing seems to work correct. When after that connecting the POWER+XBEE USB to my computer, it is recognized as usb-device on COM7.  But on COM7 my NMEA application gets no gps-connection.
Do I need a special driver for the connection or do you have another idea what I am doing wrong?
Thank you in advance and best regards!

Trebla replied 4 months ago

At Youtube, there is an other way to reach the same Goal. Search there for: F9P Guide: Portsplitter & Ntrip Client. He speaks german but in slw Motion and full screen You can follow his actions

T1000 replied 4 months ago

Cool. This way is working with W10 and W7. Thanks a lot!!!