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birdofprey asked 7 months ago

I work in the field of topographic surveys using drones and I’m looking for a simple and low-cost solution for measuring some points on the ground (the famous Ground Control Points) to which to “hook” the point cloud obtained from the flight of the drone.

I don’t care that these points are geo-referenced. Im just interested in “measuring” relative distances and relative height differences between these points in order to construct a “skeleton” with which to correctly scale the 3D model obtained from a drone that does not have a precision GPS on board. I’m not also interested in high relative precision. Even an error of 10 cm (even on Z) is fine.

I believe that the “simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit MR IP67” can do for me because the distances I work on never exceed a few hundred meters. I also state that I have read “MR / LR kit hookup guide” on the site.

What I would like to understand is how to do all this in practice. I can feed the base with a power bank connected via USB. The rover can feed it the same way. But where do I read the measurements ? How do I connect a tablet if the USB is used for power ? What application should I use to read and record the points I measure ? During a survey in the field it is inconvenient to use a PC with u-center. How can I do everything on a smartphone or tablet ?

Thank you.

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gnss.rtk answered 5 months ago

It’s a pity the discussion ended so abruptly. I would have liked to have read more…
It’s a pity the discussion ended so abruptly. I would have liked to have read more…
Have a look at my question at

clive1 replied 5 months ago

Unfortunately providing technical assistance lacks any quid-pro-quo these days.

birdofprey replied 5 months ago

I was very interested in ArduSimple.

Unfortunately this “thing” cannot in any way have a real application in professional topography because it lacks the most elementary support ecosystem. There is no real tutorial… there are no documented field tests… there is nothing except a few bare pages of “potential and features”…

If the developers of this project want to sell and spread their product for professional uses, they must be more present and better support those who are interested.

Ardusimple Staff replied 5 months ago

Hi birdofprey,

Maybe simpleRTK2B is not the right product for you. You are looking for a finished product. We offer evaluation kits for plug-and-play evaluation of zed-f9p. Our customers are developing products like the one you are looking for. In September we will start our customer projects website which might be interesting for you:

What you are trying to do it’s possible but requires some development effort at your side. If you are looking for professional support services we also offer them: