SimpleRTK2B F9P with Raspberry Pi adapter and correction data

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Ed Rubright asked 2 years ago
I’m constructing a rover with a RaspberryPi 3B with the RaspberryPi Adapter and a SimpleRTK2B F9P board on it.  I’ve got the NMEA data available to me in the pi thru /dev/serial0 ( -> ttyS0) which I then use str2str to /dev/rfcomm1 when a Bluetooth connection from my Android tablet that is running the FieldBee app.  This all seems to be working however the “no rtk” light on the board is lit since I do not have the correction data.
My next thing is to get the RTCM correction data to the SimpleRTK2B F9P.
I think I can run str2str and stream the RTCM messages from an NTRIP provider into what device on the pi?  This is where my question is?
I think my choices are:

  1. If the corrections have to come thru the second serial port (UART2?) to the F9P; then do I need to plug a USB cable from  the PI to the USB port for the radio?  I saw a youtube about having to jumper something th RX and TX port on the radio to activate the USB port? Is this required and if so how is this done?
  2. Can the RTCM correction data get into the FP9 thru the RaspberryPi adapter and if so what device is used for that?

Thanks in advance!

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Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Ed,
Sure you can use the same interface that you are receiving NMEA in your RPi, to send RTCM corrections to the simpleRTK2B, no need of an extra connection between the 2.

Staff replied 2 years ago

Ed asked: “Thanks for the answer. To clarify; does this mean in ucenter I need to make sure that the UART1 allows RTCM data inbound on that port?

On the RPi I’d use str2str from my NTRIP provider to /dev/serial0 (-> ttyS0) to get the corrections to the F9P?

Thanks in advance,

Staff replied 2 years ago

Yes, this is anyway the default configuration (UART1 allowing RTCM).

Yes, from the NTRIP provider once you have established the connection you just need to forward the data to the uart where simpleRTK2B is connected.

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