simpleRTK2B + ESP32 Xbee …no sign of life

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Manu32 asked 8 months ago

I received yesterday the ESP32 Xbee, I installed it without any problem, but from the beginning no lighting of the led. The card is also not visible on Wifi. Can you tell me what I need to set up?
I am in France and plan to use the following configuration: simpleRTK2B + ESP32 Xbee + Wifi connection to the Internet to retrieve NTRIP correction information in paid service from the Orpheon network (, my application is looking for an accuracy to 2 cm for agriculture.
If there is a simple configuration fileRTK2B + ESP32 Xbee I am interested in your help. It’s to guide this machine:
Thank you for your help.

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi Manu32,
1. Did you connect to the WiFi web interface to configure it?
2. You need to enable NMEA output on UART2 at 115200bps.

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Manu32 answered 8 months ago

Hi, Thank you for your prompt reply.
Impossible to configure via wifi web interface because the card is not detectable in wifi….
The update of the firmawre according to the procedure does not work either.
If I enable NMEA output UART2 the GPS>Xbee indicator flashes, but nothing in the other direction or no sign on the map.
I managed to get a red light on the Xbee card once after pressing the BOOT button, but I couldn’t reproduce this operation.

Ardusimple Staff replied 8 months ago

Note that if UART2 NMEA is enabled, is not possible to re-flash WiFi NTRIP Master.

nebkat replied 8 months ago

Hi Emmanuel,
Can you try to perform the firmware flashing process with UART2 disabled entirely on the SimpleRTK2B? You can do this with the CFG-UART2-ENABLED option in u-center. ALso, when the red light showed up, was it blinking on and off or it just stayed static?