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josegarcia asked 2 months ago
Hi. I have seen and other info that indicates 5V is needed but I have been testing a simpleRTK2B v1.1 on 3.3V and it seems to work fine. There is no XBEE or anything else connected except for antenna.

  1. Given that it appears to work fine can one expect it to continue to work fine on the long term?
  2. Can one expect it to work the same on current Budget chips (not sure if still v1.1 or there is newer version)
  3. Are there any known risks on using a lower voltage?
replied 2 months ago

3.3V coming in on Pixhawk connector from a 3.3V regulator connected to lipo battery.

1 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 2 months ago
Hi josegarcia,
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee operation when using below specified voltage. It can affect long term durability of the product, or maybe what in one sample works well, on the next sample it will not work well.
We are developing a battery pack for our products, if you want to be beta tester you can contact us at

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