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Yiannis Christou asked 11 months ago
I am looking to power the simpleRTK2B Budget with a 3.7V battery (Using the 5V_IN pin). From what I see on the webpage it specifies only 5V as input, however the ublox and xbee modules only use 2.7V – 3.3V and 2.4V – 3.6V respectively.
I am wondering what the 5V is used for… Is it possible to just use a 3.3V output from the board that powers it? What is the best way to power the board externally (with efficiency in mind)?
Staff replied 11 months ago

Hello Yiannis,
Our boards must be powered at 5V.
This gives you a lot of flexibility since 5V is the USB volatge and there are plenty of chargers, battery packs, battery+solar panels kits, etc in the market.
Price is usually low and you can find them in electronic stores, Amazon, Aliexpress, …
ArduSimple Team

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