simplertk2b base and rover connected with wires

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ugniusrag asked 1 week ago

hi everyone,
Just got new simplertk2b boards trying to make rover and base. for testing i would like to connect both board by wires. not using any radio. 
I am connecting uart 1 tx with uart 2 rx and both grounds. 
also i am using config files for rover and base from this page
it is not working for me. what is the problem? 
 Ntrip is working perfectly, but not rover and base standalone. 
Maybe some config is wrong? Base station gets gps fix and goes to time  mode

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 week ago

hi ugniusrag,
Check if you enabled the arduino rails by connecting IOREF to 3V3_OUT.

ugniusrag replied 1 week ago

should i connect ioref to 3v3_out rover and base? or rover ioref to rover 3v3out and base ioref to base 3v3_out?

clive1 replied 1 week ago

IOREF to LOCAL 3V3 on board, establishing signal level.
Bond GROUNDs between units.