SimpleRTK with Xbee3 for RTCM stream

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dizont asked 1 month ago

I have SimpleRTK2b Board with Xbee3 NB/IoT cellular Module.
I want to use Xbee3 NB/IoT for downloading RTCM correction stream from a public base station. I can succesfully do it with XCTU software and I am able to pull out the stream. Now I want to feed this stream direclty into F9P to get a precise RTK solutions.
How do I specify that in the board ? Or what pins should I connect ?
I have UART2 disabled in u-center in order to use XTCU and configuring Xbee Module.
UART1 is used to display the output of F9P.

Ardusimple Staff replied 1 month ago

You can enable UART2 input only, and disable it’s output, so you can send your RTCM stream from the XBee device to the F9P, while keeping communications with XCTU.