sikradio connection problem

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Stefano Truzzi asked 1 week ago

Hello, I use a sikradio from Holybroconnection between simplertkv v3 and my pc. The data connection is up and I see messages in u-center window, but I dont see satellite levels, sky views and position.
My setup is with sikradio connected to uart1 on the simple rtk board, 115200b and raw data format in sikradio.
I could resolve?

clive1 replied 1 week ago

What messages is it actually showing?
Is UART1 at 115,200? What messages are enabled? UBX or NMEA?
Satellite details in UBX would come from UBX-NAV-SIG or SAT
uCenter isn’t going to decode UBX messages with failing checksums.
Try reducing the message load, and Air / Baud Rates