Shield for second XBee Socket with Xbee bluetooth module

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Klára Bajzová asked 11 months ago
I just purchased the second xbee socket (on a first one a have a ntrip master) and wanted to send a corrected nmea via bluetooth to the phone. But encountered two problems which I woould like to ask you about:

  1. seems that the second shield is not powered via fthe soldered pins and needs to be powered separetly. Is that right (it would be a pitty) ? If its true is there a workaroud for this (that it could be powered only with one source)?
  2. I cannot see the nmea messages (tried to swith also to uart1 and uart2) is problem connected with an IOREF not connected? if yes how this can be done (soler?) Thanks.
Staff replied 11 months ago

1. Powering the shield is a feature that the simpleRTK2B V1 doesn’t have. This feature is available on V3. A workaround is to connect a wire in your board from 5V_OUT to 5V_IN.

2. When the shield is powered (either via its own USB or when you make the wire from point 1), the shield will start working and you should see TX data without doing anything extra.

Klára Bajzová
replied 11 months ago

thanks a lot, the workaround works now 🙂

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