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manas asked 4 months ago

I want to setup standalone base and rover.
I would like to achieve following thing

  1. I have to get high precision GPS co-ordinates of rover which will not go beyond 1 square KM of fix location. I can setup one base station which can get internet connection through WIFI or ethernet.
  2. I should get the GPS co-ordinates (3D) at my application server (which could be on cloud) through TPC/IP or MQTT protocol.

Now for HW i am going to start with 
simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit MR IP65 + Arduino header + GNSS antenna.
It has two simpleRTK2B board, One will be use as base and other as rover.
Now what all extra HW needed with above kit?
I am hoping that xbee coming with this kit will use for RTK data between base and rover.
I need to have another HW which will send the GPS co-ordinates of rover to my application server? could you suggest which one? and how it will connect to kit?
is it possible to send GPS co-ordinates of rover to base and base will send the application server as it has the internet connectivity?
if above scenario possible I need to add extra HW module on base kit to communicate to internet?
where will my TCP client SW will be running? Do i need any aurdino Uno or STM32 nucleo additional to simpleRTK2B kit?
Do i can fulfil all above requirement with plug & play boards or I do need to do soldering to achieve this?
sorry for long question i would appreciate if someone can answer me.

Ardusimple Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi Manas,
The XBee of the MR kit is configured in unidirectional mode, the rover can’t send data back to the server. You can configure the MR radios to work in such mode, but it will not be plug-and-play. In the LR kit this is almost plug-and-play, you just need to enable NMEA on the rover for UART2, which is connected to the XBee. Need to bear in mind that the bandwidth of the radios is limited and you will not be able to send position at too high datarate.

Once this configuration is resolved, you will have the NMEA positions of the rover in the UART2 of the base. You can connect using the USB of UART2, or using an STM32 to read this data from the arduino rails.

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manas answered 4 months ago

Thanks for this update. We have order the MR kit I would request you to change to LR kit. Do you have STM32 kit? or Please share the link of such board which i can plug?

manas answered 3 months ago

Hi, I got two LR module today but its not mentioned which one is for base and which one is for rover. I am going to us this along with Starter Kit MR IP65.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

LR radios can work with base or rover simpleRTK2B, you can install them in any board you prefer and they will work fine 🙂
This is not the case with MR radios which have a small B (base) and R (rover) written in the bottom of the radios.

manas answered 3 months ago

Thanks for update. You guys have provided github code for STM32 nucleo 
Which STM32 board you have used here. There are many options for STM32? 

clive1 replied 3 months ago

A NUCLEO-L152RE by the looks of it

manas answered 3 months ago

Hi, I got the LR module (Antenna + xbee) and I have replace this with MR kit xbee. I am getting “NO RTK” LED always ON.  “GPS FIX” LED blinking. In Base module “GPS->XBEE” LED blinking. In rover “XBEE->GPS” LED blinking. It seems my RTK is not getting fix after LR module change. In u-center also i am getting “Fix mode” as “3D” only. Could you please let me know if I am missing something?

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

Have you changed the original configuration of the simpleRTK2B modules/LR radios?

manas answered 3 months ago

No I have not done any changes. I simply connected the LR module & antenna. After that I have connected the two USB cable to my PC and given power from GPS USB.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

– Have you connected the GPS antennas on both base and rover modules?
– Is the LED GPS>XBEE blinking in the base module and XBEE>GPS LED blinking in the rover module?
– You need to have good view of the sky and wait a few minutes for the base station to send full corrections to the rover. What is the fix type of the base station?