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Setup simpleRTK3B with WiFi NTRIP Master

Q&A forumCategory: QuestionsSetup simpleRTK3B with WiFi NTRIP Master
steve22 asked 4 weeks ago
what is the correct way to setup simpleRTK3B (Mosaic-X5 Triple Band (L1/L2/L5) RTK GNSS module) with WiFi NTRIP Master using NTRIP correction data via a smartphone hotspot.
What I have tried so far (using the webinterfaces for and

  • enabled smartphone hotspot and mobile data
  • configured NTRIP Master to connect to my smartphone hotspot -> success
  • configured NTRIP Master NTRIP client
  • configured simpleRTK3B: GGA-NMEA output stream at COM2 port at 100 msec
  • configured simpleRTK3B: corrections -> COM2 -> Input Streams -> auto or RTCMv3

NTRIP Master doesn’t seem to receive any correction data (RTCM3) via the configured NTRIP-client although NTRIP Master uses the smartphone hotspot. -> no correction data streams to simpleRTK3B.
Thank you.

4 Answers
Ardusimple Staff answered 4 weeks ago
Hi Stefan,

  1. Is the connection to NTRIP caster successful? You can check that by setting a different LED color for this function (e.g. red). Or connect via serial terminal to POWER+XBEE at 115’200bps and you will see the text strings.
  2. Configure the Septentrio as input only “RTCM”. The text string from the WiFi are not liked by the “auto” mode of Septentrio.
  3. GGA at 10Hz is a bit too much for many casters, maybe they are kicking you out. Try with only 1 GGA every 1 second. If you need 10Hz in your application via WiFi, you can upgrade the WIFi to a beta firmware which filters this sending of messages to the server (v0.5.4 at https://github.com/nebkat/esp32-xbee/releases)

steve22 answered 4 weeks ago
thank you for the quick response.
After I changed the input stream to RTCMv3 and NMEA out stream (GGA) to 1 second, the connection to the NTRIP caster was successfull.
The Septentrio also reaches a RTK fix but after about a minute it falls back to DGPS.
In the XBee webinterface is only a steady NTRIP client out data stream but no steady in data stream (most of the time: 0 B/s in).
Does this mean that RTCM3 corrections go to the Septentrio but the GGA stream is not continiously sent to the NTRIP caster?
I have connected SimpleRTK3B to the smartphone via USB serial and used SW Maps.
Is there a way to connect the Septentrio via the WiFi-XBee-Hotspot ( to the smartphone and get GNSS data to use e.g. with PinPoint-GIS?

Ardusimple Staff answered 4 weeks ago
At this point it would be useful to see what is the WiFi NTRIP Master outputting via POWER+XBEE port at 115’200, this will provide more information.
About your later question, if Pinpoint GIS supports TCP/UDP gps receivers, then yes it should be possible via the IP of the WiFi + configured port.

steve22 answered 3 weeks ago
The problem seems to be that the XBEE NTRIP Master can not establish a stable connection to the NTRIP caster. Here is the output of the serial terminal:

$PESP, NTRIP,CLI,DISCONNECTED,Hostname:Port,Mountpoint*7D
$PESP, NTRIP,CLI,CONNECTING,Hostname:Port,Mountpoint*62
$PESP, NTRIP,CLI,CONNECTED,Hostname:Port,Mountpoint*23
$PESP, NTRIP,CLI,DISCONNECTED,Hostname:Port,Mountpoint*7D
$PESP, NTRIP,CLI,CONNECTING,Hostname:Port,Mountpoint*62
$PESP, NTRIP,CLI,CONNECTED,Hostname:Port,Mountpoint*23

The connection lasts about 10 seconds and then breaks.
The same thing with different smartphone models.
The NTRIP correction works well with EMLID Reach RS2 (same parameter for NTRIP client; correction data also via smartphone hotspot and WiFi of Reach R2).

Staff replied 3 weeks ago

This logfile and exactly 10 seconds sounds like the time the caster waits for a GGA and if not received or not valid GGA it kicks you out of the server. Can you confirm:
1. That your 3B board is only outputting GGA and maximum 1 time per second?
2. Do you see GPS > XBEE blinking?
3. Can you confirm your 3B board has a position fix?
4. That your 3B board input on COM2 port is set to “RTCMv3” ?
5. Another good test to confirm the problem is only with the GPS settings, is to use a caster that doesn’t require GGA, like rtk2go. Can you try with an rtk2go caster and see if everything is ok?

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