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LucaR asked 3 months ago

Hi everyone,
I haven’t bought simpleRTK2B yet, but I want to and I need some advice to decide which configuration is the best for my project.
In my project, I want to be able to acquire position data in various scenario, mostly urban, and I want the best accuracy possible so I opted for simpleRTK2B.
I’m newbie in this field but reading the tutorials I think that in an urban scenario the configuration simpleRTK2B with NTRIP corrections is the best if I don’t want the limit of 2.5km of base-rover LR kit. The problem is that there aren’t reference stations to connect to nearby.
So, my question is, if I buy for example the MR kit and use 1 device to collect data as a fixed base connected to a PC running u-center (or SNIP software) as a NTRIP server/caster and then send correction through Internet to my other device (connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone with Lefebure app client), can it work?
As a newbie this is the only procedure that I have thought, any advice is really appreciated. Thank you.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

What you describe is possible, but you don’t need the MR kit. The MR kit is to connect 2 units next to each other in line of sight of a few hundred meters.
You need 2x Basic Starter Kits & connect them to internet with one PC each.

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LucaR answered 3 months ago

Thank you very much for the answer!
One last clarification, so I’m forced to use two PC or for the rover can I use a client like the one that you use in the tutorial (Lefebure NTRIP Client)? Because with the rover I would like to move freely without a PC.
Thank you for your time.

Ardusimple Staff replied 3 months ago

Sure, you can also use a tablet or mobile phone. Note that you might need a bluetooth module depending on your device and which software you want to use.

The SimpleRTK2B uses GPS module is ZED-F9P dual band. It is very suitable for high precision RTK positioning applications.
However, your request is to operate in urban areas, Internet connection is necessary. There is a great combination when you use ESPrtk with simpleRTK2B (it integrates Bluetooth + WIFI + NTRIP). If you intend to use simpleRTK2B with Lefebure NTRIP Client (app), you can use the bluetooth module HC05.ESPrtk  Ardimple Bridge model transmit.png
Alternatively, you may not need Lefebure NTRIP Client if you use ESPrtk + SimpleRTK2B as a combination module. All the system needs is connecting WIFI or Ethernet to access the internet.
ESPrtk+ Ardusimple F9P internet NTRIP model transmit-ESP32 RTK.png