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Matt Nice asked 4 months ago
I recently bought the simpleRTK2B with simpleSSR. I’ve followed instructions to allow the preconfiguration to ‘plug and play’, but with no luck. What am I missing to have the rtk messages working? to have the NTRIP client set up so I can see the RTK fix in u-center?
Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi Matt,
Yes should be plug-and-play. The typical problems are:
– Not doing a good GNSS antenna installation. RTK-SSR needs stronger signals than traditional VRS systems.
– Changing configuration in zed-f9p. RTK-SSR needs a specific configuration of zed-f9p. Don’t change the configuration it was sent.
– Not enough power from the USB. 4G communications require that the power source can deliver 1.5A peaks. If your power souce is not good (or cable is poor quality), if you are in a low signal area, the device will reset when trying to output at maximum power.